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FAZ x PENAN Gift Bag (Medium) Bag Only!

RM 99.00

Our new gift bag represents a special collaboration with the Penan community of Sarawak. Handcrafted by Penan women, each purchase directly supports their children’s education and family expenses. By choosing this bag, you’re not just giving a gift, but also making a meaningful contribution to their lives. 

Important Note:

1. Insert the chosen color option in the remarks box.
2. If you have a greeting for the receiver, please include it in the remarks box. You can choose a greeting card option of ‘Happy Birthday’, 'Thank You' or ‘Just for You’.
3. The size of this medium bag may vary slightly, with some being taller and some wider due to the handmade nature.
4. Colors may also differ slightly due to lighting and the screen of each device.